Sunday, June 8, 2014

SCDG B&W Thursday Scrimmage (5 June 2014)

oh, hey! look at that!

2014-06-05 19.19.09

Doing a little experimentation with off-camera flash at the Penthouse.  The experiment did raise some unanswered  questions, I'll need to try to answer with another experiment on another scrimmage night at some point.

I was trying to completely overcome the ambient light with the (mostly) off-camera flashes, although I did like the light from the setting sun early in the evening.

1bw_thur_L1042346 (1)

bw_thur_L1042352 (1)

bw_thur_L1042357 (1)

One thing I don't understand is the flash induced motion blur in some of the photos.  Was I not overpowering the ambient light with my flashes?  Are the flashes (on-camera and off, I was using a little bit of on-camera flash at one point in the evening) not firing a the same time? Do the different flashes have different durations?

bw_thur_L1042366 (1)

bw_thur_L1042408 (1)

I had the flashes at full power (I think I won't do that next time), which meant about a five second delay before the flashes capacitors were charged up and ready to go for the next flash... but a few photos seemed okay (I'm still amazed what you can get from the Monochrom's digital negatives when pushing 2-3 stops with Capture One).

2bw_thur_L1042465 (1)

bw_thur_L1042383 (1)

oh, hey! the flash fired! Oh, and that thing in the background is a mirror resting up against the wall reflecting the ceiling's fluorescent lighting at me. Yay!

bw_thur_L1042471 (1)

the full flick set is here:

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