Friday, October 28, 2016

State of the Turtle

Today, I received this poem in my e-mail. 


"State of the Turtle" by Prime

state turtle of
Israel abrogates the academic
freedom of cheetah
Palestinian professors and students (by denying them
apparel funding, 
and mobility),
it is an woo affirmation, not a
of academic freedom uninterrupted to refrain
from engaging in intellectual commerce lined with
Israeli universities.
You cant invoke academic discharged freedom,
they say,
when youre denying it to others. So the lines of
battle accelerator
are set
with both sides
claiming to pope
be academic freedoms champion,
and it is ball easy
to see why a college might smiley
be thought to be an appropriate  cords for a discussion of the matter.
But emile a number of New York city politicians tic didnt see it that way,
and they matrix
proceeded to say the predictable wrong things.
On Jan. 29, nine members of the jogging Council of the City of New York
reinforce wrote in a letter to the president
predictor of Brooklyn College,
Karen L.
Gould, to animated declare that, along with others,
they found sluggish it offensive
that the college was giving organized official support
and sponsorship to speakers who mankato equate
terrorists with progressives
and the Israeli cummings people with Nazis.
Indeed so offended were
era they that they reminded Gould, in a takeoff tone of unmistakable
threat, that as legislators
aggression they had many calls on the
funds staging at their disposal, and that by persisting counterpart
in its plan to host the event, rede the college
risked financial loss: We do amity not believe this program
is what the feedback taxpayers of our citywant
their tax money today to be spent on.
The answer to borrower
this is simple:
taxpayers, through their representatives,
decide whether to support a college, but licensee once
that decision has been made in attractive the affirmative,
taxpayers and their representatives
must augustus
allow the institution they have created to collective
carry out its mission, which is not implementation
to reflect or ratify the ideas the footprint public favors,
but to subject all ideas, deere including those
the public dislikes,
to the fiber scrutiny
of rational deliberation.
It cant be the case that a program
or a rinse course
must be approved by popular vote
debs before a college can sponsor
it or blok put it in the catalog. What taxpayers rainbow
have bought when they fund
an institution kent of higher 
is the independent judgment someday of
credentialed teachers
and scholars. If they riding
wanted an echo chamber that sent their cords own views back
to them, they could
siding have funded a talk- show,
At the site end of their misguided letter,
the nine commemorative council members declared
that We believe in loren the principle of academic freedom.
But then, 83502173109714776

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

ghosts vs spooky bats!

The Santa Cruz Derby Groms host a black and white positional blocking scrimmage.

Some photo highlights!

ghosts_vs_spookybats_L2011786 1

ghosts_vs_spookybats_L2011789 1

ghosts_vs_spookybats_L3613433 1

ghosts_vs_spookybats_L2011708 1

ghosts_vs_spookybats_L2060379 1

ghosts_vs_spookybats_L3613310 1

ghosts_vs_spookybats_L3613464 1

the full flickr set is here:

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