Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bay Area Rumble In the Park

Oakland Outlaws vs San Francisco ShEvil Dead 


Berkeley Resistance vs Richmond Wrecking Belles

This double header was held at the Kezar Pavilion in the Golden Gate Park.  It doesn't have any natural light streaming in as other pavilions in the area, but there were some areas behind the team benches where photogs could wonder around a bit more than other pavilions and so I did so.

Kezar Pavilion as, that's right, a venue for roller derby

your announcers are also ready to roll

ShEvil Dead introduction laps

Nock Nock gotta penalty

there's thirty minutes of fucking intensity left on the clock!

who's there?

directing traffic

the scorekeeping team!

sweeping the blood off the track between bouts is a dirty job,

one one six eight

helping out with sweeping the blood off the track during halfime




standing up in the box

ready when you are sister!

coming atcha!

jammers duel

dueling jammers