Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Santa Cruz Boardwalk Bombshells vs Oakland Outlaws (May 2014)

some photo highlights!

I don't spend too much time "warming up" with the camera at bouts at venues I'm familiar with anymore.  I pretty much know the exposure settings I want to use at the Kaiser Permanente Arena.  I take a few snapshots to verify exposure... and I might get a few interesting shots.


 It's superhero night at the KP Arena, this is Storm.

2shells_vs_outlaws_L3033959 (1)

shells_vs_outlaws_L1042187 (1)

Dewey Decibel slays beasts

shells_vs_outlaws_L1042284 (1)

2shells_vs_outlaws_L3034148 (1)

2shells_vs_outlaws_L1042217 (1)

2shells_vs_outlaws_L3034057 (1)

1shells_vs_outlaws_L1042283 (1)

shells_vs_outlaws_L3034220 (1)

2shells_vs_outlaws_L3034382 (1)

2shells_vs_outlaws_L1042296 (1)

2shells_vs_outlaws_L3034371 (1)

2shells_vs_outlaws_L1042289 (1)

shells_vs_outlaws_L3034086 (1)

2shells_vs_outlaws_L1042244 (1)

2shells_vs_outlaws_L3033979 (1)

shells_vs_outlaws_L3034090 (1)

2shells_vs_outlaws_L1042254 (1)

2shells_vs_outlaws_L3034407 (1)

shells_vs_outlaws_L1042303 (1)

2shells_vs_outlaws_L3034393 (1)

1shells_vs_outlaws_L1042294 (1)

shells_vs_outlaws_L1042258 (1)

waiting for the outcome

a timing descrepancy?
shells_vs_outlaws_L3034605 (1)

1shells_vs_outlaws_L3034607 (1)

two watches. two times?

the cutest entourage ever!
2shells_vs_outlaws_L3034627 (1)

the cutest entourage ever.

Team G Foundation!
Team G Foundation

1shells_vs_outlaws_L3034525 (1)

1shells_vs_outlaws_L3034642 (1)

2shells_vs_outlaws_L3034599 (1)

high fives

Another night of good derby comes to an end.
another night of good derby comes to an end.

1shells_vs_outlaws_L3034735 (1)

2shells_vs_outlaws_L3034729 (1)

Matt Damon is a fan (who isn't a roller derby fan!)
Matt Damon is a fan

the full flickr set is here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/nocklebeast/sets/72157644566036059/

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