Friday, March 4, 2016

Bay Area Derby is #stillbad and #badunited

photo highlights from Bay Area's season opener against Sacred City and Santa Cruz

Viva Dead vs Sacred City

 vivadead_vs_sacred_L1065943 1

vivadead_vs_sacred_L1065966 1

vivadead_vs_sacred_L1066026 1

vivadead_vs_sacred_L1066137 1

vivadead_vs_sacred_L1066138 1

vivadead_vs_sacred_L1066085 1

vivadead_vs_sacred_L3509206 1

vivadead_vs_sacred_L1066251 1

the full set on flickr:

prints on zenfolio:

Oakmond vs Santa Cruz

 scdg_vs_oakmond_L3509413 1

scdg_vs_oakmond_L3509445 1

scdg_vs_oakmond_L1066012 1

scdg_vs_oakmond_L1066152 1

the full flickr set is here:

prints on zenfolio here:

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