Tuesday, March 10, 2015

the olden days, Santa Cruz Roller Girls

A long time ago, Santa Cruz skated under the name of Santa Cruz Roller Girls.  They skated at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium and had THREE home teams, The Beach Flat Betties, The Fistfull Dollies, and The Lost Girls.

I believe there remain five skaters from those 2008 teams skating.  Two of them skating elsewhere.


This was my rookie year.  I believe I used the "A" setting on the shutter speed dial and then attempted to estimate how many f-stops darker the background was to set the "EV" setting.


I've pretty much abandoned the "A" setting for roller derby, shooting manual exposure and manual flash power when using flash.

flying the pink flag

It appears that focusing (with the center focus patch) had a higher priority than framing

 vampires suck

 smiley Shammy

 And I wasn't into cropping so much back then either.

Sheila puttin' the hurt on Lulu

bettie hangin' by a string?

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