Friday, January 2, 2015

a nocklebeast retrospective 2014

Hey! It's time for the best of the best of photos of 2014, and there's some few non-roller derby stuff too.

 Chantilly Mace is yelling and Skatelyn is smiling.  And I'm a sucker for lens flare.

If you don't know that junior derby is good derby, you should do something about that.

Ack! Broken ankle!
1SCDG_SeabrightSirens_vs_HighCountryMountain_L3013720 (1)

This may have been the last time I was at San Jose Skate (ever).
1svrg_vs_mbdd_L1038978 (1)

1scdg_bombshells_vs_treasurevalley_L3015837 (1)

Betty the Kid and Maiden Hades
1scdg_bombshells_vs_treasurevalley_L3015970 (1)

 I cropped this one down a bit and it made me smile, because is similar to Bob Ayers' style.
1hellcats_vs_queens_L1039986 (1)

1hellcats_vs_queens_L1040149 (1)

Behind the scenes at the Big O.
unicorn? or unicron?

A little pre-bout pep talk from Beans
groms_vs_kittens_L1041102 (1)

Captain signs the post-bout paper work.
captain signing the end of bout paperwork

A message from the Santa Cruz Gromshells for the Texas juniors is recorded.
a message for the Texas juniors

Team USA vs Big O MVPs!
usa_vs_mvp_L3032353 (1)

Hauss the Boss is MVP!
usa_vs_mvp_L3032451 (1)

some pre-bout warmup roller dancing

Santa Cruz Portland Cement and VW Bug
Santa Cruz Portland Cement

with a whistle so soft
with a whistle so soft, like a spooky ghost train

oh! Babygirl! (I should shoot wide open more often)
1sirens_vs_drivers_L3401242 (1)


soft focus supermoon
soft focus supermoon

The Memorial Auditorium as a venue for roller derby
the Memorial Auditorium of Sacramento, California as a venue for... roller derby!

1minn_vs_tampa_L3403635 (1)

Slambda Phage verifies Erick Rawk has got the points right
Slambda Phage verifies Erick Rawk has got the points right

 terminal_vs_blueridge_L3404027 (1)

Ace Wenchura on one toe stop
Ace Wenchura balances on one toe stop to avoid cutting the inside of the track.

Taraism takes the outside track to pass New Hampshire’s blockers.

 1rat_vs_minn_L3405683 (1)

1denver_vs_gotham_L1045228 (1)

some post-bout roller dancing
1hellcats_vs_west_L1045354 (1)

2santacruz_vs_NH_L3404579 (1)

Inflict Her Pain #29 gets blocking help from Sharon D. Payne #16 against Kansas City’s Barbarian #10

Earlier? What I said about junior roller derby?  It's true (it's good!)
1raven_vs_huff_L3407271 (1)

2bombshells_vs_badapples_L3408743 1

holiday parade!
cosmo factory


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