Tuesday, May 27, 2014

bike boxes and right turns don't mix

Dear Mayor Robinson and members of the Santa Cruz City Council,

Please DO NOT fund a pilot program to install green bike boxes and green lanes at intersections.  These treatments DO NOT make cyclists safer.

Bike boxes do not prevent right-hook collisions, in fact they entice cyclists to ride to the right of right-turning vehicles as illustrated in this video,


where they will be injured or killed.

In addition to this the California Vehicle Code REQURES motorists to merge into the bike lane before making right turns.

“CVC 21717.  Whenever it is necessary for the driver of a motor vehicle to cross a bicycle lane that is adjacent to his lane of travel to make a turn, the driver shall drive the motor vehicle into the bicycle lane prior to making the turn and shall make the turn pursuant to Section 22100.”

A green bike lane leading a bike box that is to the right of a general traffic lane where motorists may make right turns encourages motorist to break the law.

Painting green bike lanes to bike boxes encourages both cyclists and motorist to disobey the rules of the road and will likely lead to injuries to cyclists attempting to pass right-turning motorists on the right at intersections.

These treatments DO NOT and make cyclists safer and more visible on the road, and they SHOULD NOT be funded.

Mark Nockleby

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