Friday, February 8, 2013

our delusions are powerful

I suppose I should speak for myself.

My delusions are powerful.

I suppose that's another one of my delusions.

This week I was reminiscing about the photos from my first bout I took a camera to.  I remember this one photo in particular.  Back then, after I uploaded the photos to flickr, I went to the old Santa Cruz Roller Girls website/discussion board to create an account so I could announce, "hey y'all! photos!"  But before I could finish the account creation process (username? how about "nocklebeast"  password? "chickenwings!"), Robin YoLife cropped one of my photos and made it the banner photo on the website.

I recently made another "digital print" from that five-year-old digital negative.


Now Robin's choice of photo pleased and amused me because this was the photo I convinced myself that shooting derby with a rangefinder could work.

Yeah, a little deluded, huh?

It's a little like how last spring I convinced myself that I needed a 24mm lens.

jonny demonic is not lead jammer

Now, did I really really need a 24mm lens?

Well, I bought it didn't I?

sexy beast!

And I still shoot derby with a rangefinder.

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