Sunday, September 2, 2012

Santa Cruz Seabright Sirens vs Peninsula Roller Girls

I got part 3 of 3 of an all film derby weekend back from Bay Photo.


The Santa Cruz Boardwalk Seabright Sirens  vs Peninsula Roller Girls at a west-side Santa Cruz warehouse, made of concrete, fluorescent lights, concrete, steel, concrete and plastic-wrapped mattresses.


I shot three rolls of three-year expired 1600 speed color daylight film (A couple of years, ago I panicked with the prospect of this film being discontinued by Fuji and I bought half the world's existing supply from a guy in Israel off ebay).   I also shot two rolls of medium format color film with my “old-fashioned” folder rangefinder… but those rolls were hopelessly underexposed.  Next time, more flash power!


The film was shot. The film was developed and scanned by Bay Photo. I’ve tweaked in software just about every photo here. I added a little bit of micro-contrast (“clarity”) to all of the photos. Many have been cropped. A very few of the photos I’ve left “as shot.”  I converted some to black and white. And I stomped on the level curves of some (both in color and in black and white) to increase the macro contrast. So only a few frames are “authentic” in that they are still color and only minimally tweaked.




One thing I didn’t do (Two things).  I didn’t smooth out the grain, and I didn’t photo-shop out the scratches in the film.  So in that sense, the images are authentically film.



The full flickr set is here:

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