Sunday, July 15, 2012

found roller derby photographs of 2012

A defect of my current workflow is that I don't delete the 80% of all the roller derby photos that "don't make the team" in the first round of editing.


Now, since I don't shoot with a "full frame" camera (raw files are only 10 megapixels large), I have a certain "license to be lazy."   Taking this license was just fine when I shot about 6-7 bouts a year.  But it is mid-July in 2012, and I've shot around 40 bouts so far this year... and those photos that didn't make the team need to be deleted to free up hard-drive space.


For the moment that means deleting those photos by hand in Capture One.  But that also means I get to review (quickly) all those photos that didn't make the team the first time... and every once in a while I'll find a photo that for whatever reason I find compelling. 


I just deleted about 2000 photos. Here are five photos that, given a second chance, "made the team."



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