Thursday, July 28, 2011

Santa Cruz Boardwalk Bombshells vs Rose City Rollers Heartless Heathers

Santa Cruz Boardwalk Bombshells host Rose City Heartless Heathers (plus some ringers, from Eugene and Seattle) at the Santa Cruz Derby Girl Stadium.

hey, the Heathers brought a ringer!

Heartless Heathers!

Okay, so it was a bit of a blow-out.  Apparently Megatron couldn't make it down for the bout and the Heartless Heathers went without a bench coach. 

I shot most of the bout with a digital rangefinder, but I also shot 3 rolls of Fuji Natura 1600 color film with my old Minolta XG-M with a ridiculous lens attached.  One of the fun things about shooting daylight film under a lot of tungsten lighting is how warm and yellow the photos look.  I even kinda like the oompa-loompa skin tones.

I sometimes wonder if this is what roller girls see during a jam


And as we saw last week, shooting at the Civic during the summer time gives all sorts of colors depending on the angle and proximity of the daylight streaming in from the side entrances.  Sometimes the digital camera will "see" tungsten (with using auto white balance), but the daylight will color parts of the photos in blue light... as we see here on the lettering of Maiden Hades' helmet.

maiden hades

Enough technical musings... here's some photo highlights




not touching you!



chillin' in a mustache!

arms akimbo
cleo racing!

the life of a roller girl is always intense!

jumping off the jam line


 The full flickr set is here:

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