Saturday, May 28, 2011

SCDG Boardwalk Bombshells vs LA Derby Dolls Ri-Ettes

Last weekend Santa Cruz hosted the LA Derby Dolls travel team at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium.

The full set is here:

My primary camera was a digital rangefinder, but I also brought my old Minolta X-GM with a ridiculous lens attached (a 80mm f2.8 medium format lens with a tilt adapter). The Minolta was loaded with some 1600ISO fuji color film from Hong Kong.

here's some photo highlights:


poised to re-enter play

on the jam line

Liv and Angelina

Shamrock poised on the jam line

There's Maiden Hades, getting in the way again.

Pippi Hardsocking

Cleopatra Catastrophe

we are not men, we are devo

lots of girls in the penalty box



poised on the jammer line

Refs gotta learn all the players numbers?


flash attack!

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