Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where did you get your shoes?

 From the fairy tale generator via the the fairy tale factory.

 little shoes

A child playing in the dirt asked me, "Where did you get your shoes?"

When I turned around seeking an open pathway, I was surprised to find that the stream surrounded me on all sides.  The serpent from across the way beckoned me with his tongue, unfurling it out over the water.  The tongue almost touched my shoes  "If you need to get across, walk over on this.  But please walk gently, for if you don't you may slide and fall off, and no one will ever find you again."

As the cinnamon fell on my eyelids I felt a burden shift onto my shoulders.  I could not open my eyes but could tell my knees were sunk halfway into the weak soil.  I heard the old woman exhaust her laughter into my ears, filling them with tones of mockery and deceit.

The bearded man approached me in heavy garb of silk and flower embroidery.  He told me that my tongue would be tested for truth by way of needle.  "If upon the needle's prick your tongue does not bleed you will be telling the truth.  If, however, it does bleed, you are a liar, and hence will swallow poison through your broken tongue."

The soil on my skin turned into sprinkles of gold dust.  The people proclaimed me some kind of god.

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