Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Santa Cruz Homecoming

Santa Cruz is skating at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium again, and they have three teams: 

The Steamer Janes.

scdg_L3400667 1

The Redwood Rebels.

 scdg_L3400704 1

And The Organic Panic.

organic panic skateout

The last time I shot at the Civic was in October 2012, and I was just trying out shooting with a remote flash and balancing it with an on-camera flash.

Santa Cruz vs SoCal, 27 October 2012.

I have two remote flashes super-clamped to little platforms on each side of the main stage, and then I can use a bit of on-camera flash if I wander to far away from them. 

scdg_L1045826 1

The venue is a bit smaller than the KP Arena.  Teams and coaches sit in the middle and ref-lanes used by the audience between jams to get another beer or find their way to the bathrooms.

Here's some photo highlights of the three mini bouts introducing the new home teams.

scdg_L3400664 1

scdg_L3400730 1

scdg_L3400814 1

scdg_L3400860 1

scdg_L3400908 1

scdg_L3400915 1

scdg_L3400963 1

scdg_L3401030 1

scdg_L3401041 1

pippi and raven

scdg_L3400723 1

scdg_L3400845 1

scdg_L3400960 1

scdg_L3400996 1

scdg_L3401044 1

scdg_L3401094 1

scdg_L3401128 1

scdg_L3401116 1

Another night of good derby comes to an end.

another night of good derby comes to an end

The full flickr site is here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/nocklebeast/sets/72157650557536058/.
And prints are at zenfolio here:  http://nocklebeast.zenfolio.com/scdg_homecoming

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