Sunday, September 2, 2012

Santa Cruz Boardwalk Bombshells vs Houston

I got part 1 of 3 of an all film derby weekend back from Bay Photo.

Corbin Cojones and Hue Refner demonstrate a multi-player block during the halftime break.

big showdown

First up, Santa Cruz Boardwalk Bombshells vs Houston at a WFTDA sanctioned bout at a west-side Santa Cruz warehouse, made of concrete, fluorescent lights, concrete, steel, concrete and plastic-wrapped mattresses.


I shot five rolls of three-year expired 1600 speed color daylight film (A couple of years ago I panicked with the prospect of this film being discontinued by Fuji and I bought half the world's existing supply from a guy in Israel off ebay). 


The film was shot. The film was developed and scanned by Bay Photo. I’ve tweaked in software just about every photo here. I added a little bit of micro-contrast (“clarity”) to all of the photos. Many have been cropped. Some of the photos I’ve left “as shot.”  I converted some to black and white. And I stomped on the level curves of some (both in color and in black and white) to increase the macro contrast. So only a few frames are “authentic” in that they are still color and only minimally tweaked.

when jammers know they're doin' good,

One thing I didn’t do (Two things).  I didn’t smooth out the grain, and I didn’t photo-shop out the scratches in the film.  So in that sense, the images are authentically film.


The full flickr set is here:

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