Wednesday, October 21, 2015

one camera. one lens. zero bayer filters. no oompa loompas!

Sugar Skulls vs Bumper Scars 17-Oct-2015

The last time I shot at the Civic in the afternoon was 24 May 2015. At that time I had a M-240 with on/off-camera flash and a M9-Monochrom. The flash could overpower the sodium lamps for the primary subject, but not the background/secondary subject.  At the time, I was a little down on the M9 compared with the M-240; the M-240 was just such a more snappy fun camera to use.  And I was on the waiting list for the M-246.

That was the last time I went crazy editing afternoon Civic photos.   In August I got that M-246.  It's a wonderful little camera.  Last May I basically vowed to myself to never shoot another color photo at the Civic under sodium lamps again. 

And so that's what I did last weekend (except for a handful of no-flash color photos with a 35mm lens at the end of the bout).

One camera (Leica M-246). One lens (Leica 90mm f2 Summicron). Zero Bayer Filters. No Ooompa Loompas!

skulls_vs_scars_L1063295 1

skulls_vs_scars_L1063308 1

skulls_vs_scars_L1063324 1

skulls_vs_scars_L1063360 1

skulls_vs_scars_L1063432 1

skulls_vs_scars_L1063494 1

skulls_vs_scars_L1063241 1

skulls_vs_scars_L1063396 1

skulls_vs_scars_L1063402 1

skulls_vs_scars_L1063416 1

skulls_vs_scars_L1063447 1

skulls_vs_scars_L1063489 1

skulls_vs_scars_L1063506 1

skulls_vs_scars_L1063573 1

skulls_vs_scars_L1063239 1

an afternoon of good derby comes to an end

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