Saturday, August 15, 2015

Oakland Outlaws vs The Berkeley Resistance (8 August 2015)

A couple of weeks ago I traded in my old black and white camera for a newer model.  This was my first weekend using the new black and white camera.  It's very nice.  It's fun to use (the old one was a bit clunky.... I suppose all digital cameras are computers with lenses attached to them.  The old bw camera was a computer that was a bit underpowered. The M-246 doesn't suffer from that). I have noticed that the M-246 does exhibit a bit of horizontal banding at high ISOs, albeit at ISO of 12500 instead of an ISO of 3200 of it's color counterpart.

Otherwise the files from the new camera seem to be similar to those of the old and lend themselves to a similar style of processing.

That's it for the mini review.... let's get on with the derby.

some photo highlights:

oak_vs_resist_L3500141 1

oak_vs_resist_L1060042 1

oak_vs_resist_L3500147 1

oak_vs_resist_L3500185 1

oak_vs_resist_L3500191 1

oak_vs_resist_L1060075 1

oak_vs_resist_L1060150 1

oak_vs_resist_L1060307 1

oak_vs_resist_L1060133 1

oak_vs_resist_L3500399 1

oak_vs_resist_L3500456 1

oak_vs_resist_L3500457 1

oak_vs_resist_L1060216 1

oak_vs_resist_L1060013 1

oak_vs_resist_L1060151 1

oak_vs_resist_L3500428 1

oak_vs_resist_L1060317 1

oak_vs_resist_L1060292 1

oak_vs_resist_L3500573 1

the full flickr set is here:

prints at zenfolio:

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