Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bay Area Stay Golden vs Sacred City

First time shooting derby at the Armory Community center in San Francisco. As a photographer arriving a little bit before the doors opened for the general public, the first thing you look for is the light.  Bare curly-q compact florescent light bulbs with a high black ceiling! Even a lot of the walls are jet black. I thought that the players or jam skaters black outfits would blend into the background!

Sway through the crowd to an empty space


Everyone has arms akimbo!

arms akimbo
arms akimbo

I got brave enough to get some snapshots from the upper balcony!


Colt 45

Skirt Vonnegut
Skirt Vonnegut

Huck Sinn

 Otter listens in
Otter listens in


Jam skaters at half time!


Tony smiles
Tony smiles

ref-announcer liason Y.I. Otter.
ref-announcer liaison, Y.I. Otter.

Officials secrets are revealed to Y.I. Otter
Official's secrets are revealed to Y.I. Otter


NSOs.  Non Skating Officials.  The unsung heroes of the bout. All they do is keep track of your points. Time your penalties.  Keep track of your penalties.  They're not rock-stars.  They don't even wear skates! But that doesn't mean they don't take pride in their work.  They're going to NSO THE CRAP OUT OF YOUR BOUT! 

I'm going to NSO the crap out of this bout!
I'm going to NSO the crap out of this bout!

And, yeah! That's right NSO is a verb now!
I'm going to NSO the crap out of this bout
I'm going to NSO the crap out of this bout!

the full flickr set is here:

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