Sunday, May 26, 2013

mattress festival: SCDG Thursday Night Scrimmage (23 May 2013)

The one thing that always amuses me when editing photos taken at the warehouse is all the mattresses in the background.  Still in the plastic-wrap shiny mattresses.


oh! just call it off already!

I'm still trying to get a feel for this camera.  Getting the the exposure close to correct in camera.  Figuring out how to develop the files.  And even hitting the focus seems a bit of a challenge.

maiden hades is not lead jammer

My "goto" aperture is f2.8.  Compared with the M8, a 1.33 crop camera (a slightly smaller sensor than a full-frame sensor), maybe the M8 has a little bit greater depth of field than the Monochrom .  Perhaps, that's why the focus seems to be a little off more often with the Monochrom?  Maybe I need to start shooting more at f3.4? Or perhaps, I just need to try this camera with more generous lighting? It just might be easier to judge focus with a little bit more light than the warehouse offers. (Or maybe I need to get my eyes checked?)

rainbow brite

I'm still a little perplexed with the histograms displayed on the camera and getting the exposure close to correct in camera.

shootin' ducks

It's usually best to get the exposure in the camera close to correct than try to take heroic measures in setting the exposure in software after the fact.  But this camera's files seem to be extremely malleable.  If that's the right term for it.


I can take an underexposed photo, push it a stop or so and then stomp down on the darker part of the level curve and create quite a nice digital print.


Perhaps, it's just as well I don't have a fetish for shadow detail.


Still, it would be better to try to get the exposure correct in camera, which would mean an even greater flexibility of manipulating the file in software afterward.


I just might need to bring both the Monochrom and the M8 to a scrimmage to compare and contrast the exposures.  The histograms and the metering.

everyone's so smiley!


A few more photo highlights.








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