Friday, October 12, 2012

Pointers to photography from Westerns 2012 Bay of Reckoning

There were a lot of photographers at Westerns.


After editting all of my photos, I got to get a chance to look at everyone else photos too!

Here's a list of links pointing to other photographers work at the Bay of Reckoning.  It may not be completely accurate or comprehensive (and you may have to "scroll down" to find the Westerns photographs), but here it is anyway.

Andrew Sherman Photography


Anice Bommersheim

Athena Photography


Axle Adams (Jules Doyle)

randy pan says, "not touchin' you!"

Beaker (Rodney Chen)


Bob Ayers
(lots of sets)


Dave Wood
Donalee Eiri

Hans Reutter (CyberRoach)

Kevin Falerios
Jason Santti

Joe Rollerfan

Levar Hurtin
with highlights on facebook  (Best of Besterns)
Miss Nomer

put on your one red shoe and dance the blue.

Rick Marr

my most non-boring passive offense derby photo!

Sharkey (Masonite Burn)

Shoot Strychnine

tootie tinwhistle

Skippy Steve Price

Thia Danger Penta

Tim Gonzalez

Timothy Murray

Tony Totundo

My own photos can be found here:

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