Sunday, December 18, 2011

Some photo highlights from the Santa Cruz holiday parade (3 December 2011).

Next year I think I should try to get a little more crowd shots and a little less car shots (there were a lot of cars this year).



it's Santa Claus!

The parade goes down Pacific Avenue heading north, starting at 10am.  The sun is fairly low in the sky and for the most part I'm shooting into it.  So the light is contrasty.  I'm shooting with a 28mm Leica Elmarit, which is a pretty contrasty lens (and then I think I may have added a touch of contrast in much of the processing).  Very contrasty photos.

marching down the street

cube-shaped girl scouts

boxes for shoes


blue jellyfish

that's a really big bird

orange you glad you're not a banana

ohmagawd!!!! it's the Santa Cruz Derby Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





a swarm of roller girls skating


skating down the street

santa's elves agree

hi Santa!

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