Friday, November 25, 2011

Black and White Scrimmage! hosted by Bay Area Derby Girls

Bay Area hosts a black and white scrimmage and they hold a little party afterward to draft some Rinky Dinks to league teams.

But first let it be documented that Bay Area is nice.  This photo is a document.

we're nice

The advanced players line up before the scrimmage starts.  This portion of the warehouse is lit from daylight (cloudy) from the skylights and HID lights.  As the day goes on (with the daylight waning) the light  seems to get greener and greener (even without using flash... which perplexes me).

lining up for the black and white scrimmage at bay area headquarters

Would you believe there was an official time out so Lunchmeat could tell a fish story to the rest of the referees?

that must be some story Lunchmeat is telling

No?  Actually, there was some sort of biohazard that happened on the track.

blood! blood! blood on the track!

I wonder if WFTDA could adopt a "best practice" requiring outside pack refs to always skate this low, so as to be less of an obstactle to photographers on the outside of the track.


 An example of some green light in the background (It's really green, but perhaps not in a bad way).





it's an otter



badg_bw_scrimmage_nov11_L7006071 1

lula vs mala

A little pony.

little pony

Trixie Pixie makes a big announcement
Trixie Pixie makes a big announcment

Each of Bay Area's league teams announces new draftees from the Rinky Dinks

ShEvil Dead

Berkeley Resistance

Oakland Outlaws

Richmond Wrecking Belles

A little smack talking from the 2011 league champions

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