Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bay Area 2011 League Championships: Richmond Wrecking Belles vs The Berkeley Resistance!

The Wrecking Belles went undefeated in league play up until the Championship bout.  My understanding is that the other three teams all had the same league records of 1-2... so I'm not sure what the tie-breaker that caused the newest league team, The Berkeley Resistance, to play the championship bout.... but they played it, which made for very colorful photographs. Fuchsia and Black vs Blue and Yellow!


If you go look at the full flickr set, you'll see I went a bit overboard with warm up shots.  The Craneway in the summertime offers lots and lots of light... not something I'm accustomed to shooting at  my home venue of the Santa Cruz Civic.

dynamic twisty stretching

warming up

The Wrecking Belles seemed awfully confident going into this bout.

a whole lot of smack talking

And they did end up winning it, 130-98.

For some reason, the west has the reputation for slow derby... but the BAD Girls still effing skate (not like Gotham and Philly).  At the BADG championships, the pack would often start slow.  So slow that, while I was camped out in turn one, I could move the manual focus ring of my lens to keep up with the pack.  But once the jammers were released,  I had quite a bit of fun to trying to anticipate when the jammers would suddenly come into view in the viewfinder, as they rushed into the slow moving pack.

Astronaughty seemed particularly good at sneaking around the outside of the pack.

trying to find a way through the pack


Here's a few more photo highlights.... (the full flickr set is here: )




Brawllen Angel finds a channel on the inside

Didja know that sometimes Demanda Riot jams?  But PsychoSerapissed isn't scared.... she's smiling at the prospect of an epic showdown.

PsychoSerapissed is smiling


see whatta mean!

La Chica Mala, 1 KILO, check!





box step?




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