Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monterey Bay Derby Dames Beasts of Eden vs Santa Cruz Derby Girls Seabright Sirens

Another evening of good derby hosted by Monterey's travel team, the Beasts of Eden, at Water City Roller Hockey Rink in Marina, California.  I think this was Monterey's first "home game" and they've played a couple of bouts on the road before this.  This was my first time seeing the Seabright Sirens of Santa Cruz (a "C-Team"), and this may have been their first public bout ever.  (Also, Santa Cruz borrowed a few roller girls from Silicon Valley to round out their roster).  Anyway, it showed that Monterey has had some experience skating as a team.  I think when Santa Cruz first got points on the board the score was 58-10.  The halftime score was 127-27.  And Santa Cruz was able to make some adjustments for the final score of 224-70.

Here's some photo highlights. The full flickr set is here:  http://flic.kr/s/aHsjuwgFp6

the starting whistle


dragon contained?


racing Taraism

making sure the laces are tight

snarls darwin


stretching and clapping

Tay Tay watches her team skate


roller derby mayhem!

trying to make it thru




who would win in a fight?

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