Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MBDD debut: Cannery Rollers vs Babes of Wrath

The full flickr set is here:

On my second consecutive evening of derby I drove down to Marina, CA to see the first inter-league bout of the newly formed league, the Monterey Bay Derby Dames.  The bout was held at Water City Roller Hockey Rink

Water city Roller Hockey

The venue is a hanger lit with HID lights. There is suicide and chair seating in the "end-zones" and there are  bleachers behind some glass and netting on one side of the track. I forgot to bring my 15mm lens to get a super-wide angle of the venue, so you'll just kind of have to imagine a single wide angle view from these photos.

Water City as a venue for roller derby

Water City as a venue for roller derby

Water City as a venue for roller derby

It was good to see a bunch of familiar faces from Santa Cruz and Silicon Valley.  Mildred Fierce and Pia Mess called the bout.  There are a few roller girls and fans that used to be in the Santa Cruz league that are now with the Monterey league. There was several Santa Cruz refs, and there was a bunch of Santa Cruz Derby Girls in the audience.


I did use flash some, but I forgot to bring any gels... and so I confirmed what other photogs probably already know. The color of HID lighting is similar to fluorescent lighting (notice the green cast in the background when using flash)


One thing we got which we don't get in Santa Cruz is the National Anthem

by the dawn's early light?

Sometimes I miss the league teams in Santa Cruz, but in Monterey we got 'em with more or less a friendly rivalry between the Cannery Rollers (in yellow) and the Babes of Wrath (in purple, with a turtle mascot).

turtles don't normally fly

The Babes of Wrath held a half time lead of 35 to 60, only to see the Cannery Rollers surge to the win of 106 to 88.

A few more photos:

thumbs up.








A night of good derby comes to an end. I'm sure the Monterey Bay Derby Dames are proud of their first bout.
a night of good derby comes to and end.

The full flickr set is here:

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